March is such an unpredictable month in the Midwest - while originally hoping for snow and embracing Minnesota’s bold winters, plans changed. Angie & James were met with a rather uncharacteristically warm spring afternoon for their engagement photos!

Our associate, Kiley hung out with Angie & James in our favorite neighborhood of Minneapolis. North Loop is known for it’s beautiful, old brick buildings, gritty character, and unique alleyways. Angie & James were full of smiles and laughter throughout their session and the joy is truly felt in each photo.

Hewing Hotel is a coveted location for skyline photos, but due to the beyond beautiful day - the rooftop was packed. Thankfully, the lobby still had room for snuggles and the beautifully lit alleyway nearby had room for a little fun, too.

It’s easy to stay upbeat and positive in hard times when you are with the one you love. We’re certainly looking ahead to August when we’ll capture the love, joy, and celebration of Angie & James with their friends and family!