Scheduling engagement portraits at the end of October or early November can honestly go one of two ways. Bright and beautiful as a few of our sessions went or chilly, drizzly, and overcast as a few other sessions went. The day of Liza & Chris’s scheduled session was looking quite bleak, but was really one of our few last shots at getting some cozy fall vibes before the impending Minnesota winter hit. The wind began to swirl as we walked through beautiful rolling hills, a location we’ve been dying to shoot in, right here in Minnesota. It’s hard to believe that a mere 45 (or so) miles from the bustling city of Minneapolis you can find such a majestic location as this.

While the blustery wind eventually led to numb fingers and pink noses, it certainly created an incredibly romantic look for Liza & Chris. Liza’s windswept hair and Chris’s embrace made for natural photos without having to try too hard ;)

By the end of our session, the happy couple was ready to stay bundled up and enjoy the warmth of each other for just a few more photos.

Liza & Chris, we are so grateful that you chose us to capture these special moments in your lives!