In early summer, Micaela and Rob celebrated their daughter's first birthday. To commemorate this time in their lives, they reached out to have family portraits captured. Hoping for an elegant location that also balances the practicality of getting their daughter's photos taken, we selected Pulgas Water Temple!

Little Izzy had plenty of space to show off her walking skills, going back and forth between Mom and Dad! She even *almost* gave us a high-five.

As with any family portrait session, we encouraged Micaela and Rob to spend some time in front of the camera, just the two of them. While Izzy was happily distracted with flowers and Trevor's reflector, they posed at the foot of the reflecting pond. It's important to document Mom and Dad's growth within the family, too!

While not every one-year-old can handle very many photos, Izzy rocked it.

How special for this family to look back on this time in their lives using these portraits!