It’s no secret that the early stages of wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming. After getting your initial vendors selected, a lot of ease happens for many engaged couples. So, you have selected that perfect wedding venue that encompasses your love and now you’re looking for your photographer! There are many photography options and a quick Google search will reveal that. Again, overwhelming. Then you start to see a few photographers that offer videography in addition to photography… Do you need that? (We have a separate blog post all about that topic HERE) Eventually, you decide that you do want photography and videography for your wedding day. 

Here are our 4 reasons why we think you should hire the SAME company for photography and videography:

  1. The team should have better communication prior to your wedding in comparison to a photographer and videographer who have never met before. They can discuss your timeline and details as they both prepare for their roles in your day together!
  2. The team will likely have a flow for how to best capture your day without getting in each other’s way. We see many photographers and videographers complaining about the role of the other in someone’s wedding day - sometimes even resulting in missing capturing important moments.
  3. Your final video and final photos will be consistent with each other. Your final product will have similar coloring and editing because they’re produced by the same company! We personally hand edit and color each image and video clip so that you have a product that feels cohesive. We'll share an example of how your photos and final video can look similar below with some samples from Kristen & Brian's wedding.
  4. One less vendor contact to have to keep track of. When you’ve got a question about photography or videography, you have just one contact. That certainly helps cut down on some of those overwhelmed feelings.
Bride and groom walk along river in Northern California.
Wedding party celebrates couple in redwoods. Captured by Best San Francisco Wedding Photographer.
Wedding kiss captured by Best San Jose Wedding Photographer.
Wedding reception entrance captured by Best California Wedding Photographer.

We’re a little extra biased towards husband and wife photography and videography teams because we are one, but we love being able to capture wedding days and real emotions. Doing that through photography and videography with each other is such a wonderful thing to have in our lives!