As your engagement session gets closer, we recommend keeping these 4 tips in mind for a smooth experience in front of the camera!

Pick an Outfit You Feel Comfortable in!

Outfits are the number one stressor for couples as they are in the planning phase of engagement portraits. Our top advice for your outfit is making sure you are comfortable in it. Do a couple lunges and jumps to make sure you can move around without popping out of your top or showing anything that should not be shown.

Bring Floss and a Hairbrush.

This is one of those little tips that may not go used or be necessary for every engagement session, but you'd be surprised how many times we hear one partner say to the other they have something in their teeth! Save the stress and toss some floss into your bag, just in case. Along the lines of general hygiene, a hairbrush is helpful if you are changing accessories or outfits as well as if your session is along the coast where the wind is ever present.

Take a Deep Breath -

You may not be in front of a camera regularly or maybe never before, so the idea of taking engagement photos may sound intimidating. We 100% understand this, but want you to keep in mind that you may be overthinking this :)

We estimate 90% of our couples share that they have not had professional portraits taken or feel uncomfortable during the lead up to their session. You are not alone in having these nerves. But it's time for that deep breath, it's portrait time!

Come with an Open Mind.

You're calm and comfortable - so now it is time to clear your expectations. Every photographer has a different method and flow to their sessions, but we want you to enter your engagement session with us with an open mind to have fun and go with the flow.

Our style is free-flowing and natural, meaning we like to give you a phrase to get started with for your pose but leave it up to your interpretation of what that means. For example, we may say, "Alright, let's have you stand right there (*points to specific spot*) and get all snuggly!" Every couple snuggles a little bit differently, right? We'll help you along the way if you start showing signs of obvious awkwardness but the goal is that you are finding ways to feel most comfortable with your boo.

Still in the early planning phase for your engagement portraits?