Summer is nearly here.

We're ready for the sunshine and beach, cool escapes to the mountains, and all the other joys summer brings. But summer isn't just for relaxation. Many couples decide to get engaged during the summer as they are surrounded with other couples at friends' and family members' weddings or as they take a special trip during the summer months. Following that proposal and booking a few key vendors, come engagement portraits!

Planning what to wear for engagement portraits can be difficult. It can be easy to overthink color palettes or how clothes may go together. Read our engagement guide here for more tips about planning your outfits for engagement portraits!

Rather than getting into the nitty gritty of what makes a "good outfit" for summer portraits, we're sharing some of our favorite places to shop for key pieces found in an engagement portrait outfit ensemble! We are sharing some sustainable options as well as some quick grabs you can get at the mall if needed more last moment.

Reformation - Not only do they offer everyday options, but an entire weddings portion, too! If you're looking for some bridal vibes, look no further!

Sezane - We love Sezane's commitment to sustainability! They also have a great lookbook to view on their site if you need some additional inspiration.

Madewell - We are huge fans of Madewell's overall vibes. They have adorable dresses and amazing jeans. You can also book an online (or in-person) appointment with a stylist if you'd like further help in selecting an outfit.

J. Crew - We love J. Crew for their essentials and business-casual vibes.

Gap - Gap is where Trevor purchases many of his essentials (like pocket tees). If you're looking for an easy casual vibe, stop at your local Gap.

Banana Republic - Banana Republic is a step up from Gap's essentials. Think contemporary and class.

Whatever outfit you choose, keep in mind these things:

  1. Weather - Summers in California can be hot. Be prepared with how sweat may appear on your outfits of choice. Thankfully, we don't often have to worry about rain delays in California.
  2. Location - If you're planning for beach portraits, plan to get at least your feet wet in the water at some point! Also, weather can feel much different along the coast than inland, so be prepared for a range of temperatures based on your location!
  3. Comfort - If you wouldn't wear the outfit any other time in your life, we don't recommend using it for engagement portraits. You should still look like you in them!

We cannot wait to see how incredible you look in your engagement portraits this summer!