It's no secret that we love to travel. When we scheduled our July trip out to Denver, Colorado, we knew we wanted to do a photo session in the mountains. After a lot of research and chatting with many resourceful and helpful Colorado-based photographers, we found the perfect location!

We met Kristen & Mike through an online photography group and began chatting with them. We were beyond thrilled to find a date and time that lined up with our trip to take portraits of them and their two pups - Kali and Boomer! Kristen & Mike are a happily married couple who are currently working through the adoption process to expand their little family. We are thrilled to share these portraits - Kristen & Mike are radiating with love in every single one.

We all know how difficult furry children can be, frequently you manage to get maybe one "good" portrait of them...

But hey! Sometimes you even end up with one to giggle at along the way! (We literally could not help but laugh as we edited the second one)

Visiting Colorado was a great way to spend a week of our July. It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of wedding season. This is exactly why we love doing couple's portrait sessions! They give us time to take a step back from our "usual" and meet a few more couples than we normally would. In the situation of Kristen & Mike, we got to meet a couple who has been married for 5 years and connect more with another married couple! Change is good and refreshing, isn't it?

Interested in an adventure couple's session of your own? We've traveled to Yosemite National Park, Half Moon Bay Beach, & Malibu in California, as well as done adventure sessions right here in Minnesota! We're heading to Chicago, Illinois in early August and are looking for couples to do a session with there!

We're also more than happy to travel to other states for sessions - fill out a contact form for more information!