We love Minneapolis. In fact, we love Minnesota in general. But we'll gladly hop on a plane and shoot anywhere. We just so happened to be about half an hour outside of Chicago for a wedding, so we put out a search for a couple to do photos with while we were in the area. Lo and behold: Ashley & Jacob. Ashley & Jacob are a hardworking, ambitious couple. One of those couples that just seem meant for each other. Watching them interact with each other in front of the camera was natural and beautiful.

Elisebeth & Ashley were friends back in early elementary school. It was fantastic catching up and chatting about how quickly life changes. Not only did we get to capture a beautiful couple, but we got to do it in the beautiful urban setting of Chicago. Ashley shared tidbits about the city with us as we walked along the Riverwalk and through the beautiful, tall buildings. It was so fun to explore the city with them as they were much more familiar with the city than we were.

We'll be hopping on a plane the first week of April, but still trying to decide where we'll go! Have any ideas? Drop them in the comments below!