Heidi & Brandon tied the knot and started their forever in mid-October. Originally, their date was set for the beginning of August. As many couples did in 2020, Heidi & Brandon had to make changes to their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Heidi & Brandon knew this was the year they would get married - regardless of what that looked like.

While many felt the heavy weight of 2020 – there is no question that Heidi & Brandon will walk away from this year with great joy. On their wedding day, their first look and time for photos of just the two of them showed how much certainty they have in one another.

Heidi & Brandon’s rescheduled wedding meant that all of their friends and family could be involved in their wedding party as originally planned. There is no doubt that these people mean the absolute most in the world to Heidi & Brandon.

Having originally planned for an August wedding, the chill of October winds made for a chilly ceremony. Blankets were offered to guests and vows were shared in between shivers. None of the cold mattered as Heidi & Brandon made their lifelong commitment to one another.

Following the ceremony, Heidi & Brandon braved the cold with us for a little bit longer during sunset. The golden sun seeped through the clouds and gave an enchanting look.

As the evening continued, the party started inside. Winehaven Winery and Vineyard offers such a fun vibe indoors. From the oak wine barrels to the twinkle lights, it was easy to feel energized by the reception.

We can’t say it enough - congratulations Heidi & Brandon! We cannot wait to see all of the wonderful things in store for you as a happily married couple!