We headed up to San Francisco, home of so many tourist attractions amid its sprawling metropolis. San Francisco, however, also is filled with beautiful vistas highlighting California’s diverse landscape. Jana & Sardar met us in the valley of the hilly peninsula to begin their session. We hiked down to capture the cliffside scene, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We were met with gusty winds and broke below the fog.

After enjoying our first stop on our adventure, we headed towards the costal grasslands and oak woodlands. Enjoying less wind in the valley, gave us the opportunity to listen to Jana & Sardar’s love story and how they came from Slovakia and Iran to America and now reside in Michigan.

San Francisco is well known for its fog. In fact, the fog is so well known, it actually has a name: Karl the Fog. Well, we met Karl the Fog in full glory for the last spot of Jana & Sardar’s fun adventure session. The wind returned as we made our way to the top of a hill that normally breaks way to picture perfect views of the Golden Gate Bridge over the strait heading to the ocean.

Surrounded by a thick blanket of fog gave the gorgeous couple the perfect opportunity to cuddle up next to the coastal sage club and chaparral.

This session filled our soul with love and adventure. We’re excited to follow more of Jana & Sardar’s upcoming adventures as they continue their travels around California!