As we recently announced, we are moving to California! During the past few months, we have loved finding new locations around San Francisco and the Bay area to explore, hike, and photograph and we are excited to continue finding great new spots!

Callie & Spencer met with us at Lands End for some sunset couple’s portraits. This location was perfect because they share a love for backpacking and hiking. Adventure couple sessions are great to incorporate a couple’s interests close to home! They live in the San Francisco Bay Area and Lands End is a favorite of theirs to adventure around.

The unique landscape along Lands End creates such an enchanting feeling, whether it is along the rocky shoreline or beautiful sea overviews from above.

Of course, we couldn’t help but head down the trails along Lands End and get a few photos with the Golden Gate Bridge peeking through in the background.

What is your favorite place in San Francisco to explore? We can’t wait to add your favorites to our list of places to check out!