Love knows no bounds, and for Dhara and Ankit, that sentiment rang true as they traveled from the east coast to the breathtaking beauty of Mt. Tamalpais, just north of San Francisco, for a proposal that would forever be etched in their hearts. The couple's journey to the summit of this iconic Californian peak unfolded into a tale of love, surprise, and the joyous merging of two souls.

As the couple ascended the narrow roads of Mt. Tamalpais, the air was filled with excitement and anticipation. Ankit, with a heart full of love and a pocket containing a symbol of commitment, chose this majestic location to profess his love for Dhara. With panoramic views stretching as far as the eye could see, the mountaintop provided the perfect backdrop for a moment that would change their lives forever.

Ankit's meticulous planning culminated in a picture-perfect proposal overlooking the sprawling landscapes below. The sunlight cast a warm glow on the couple as they stood on the precipice of a new chapter in their lives. Ankit dropped to one knee, after showing a video highlighting important moments of their relationship, presented a ring that sparkled as brightly as the love shared between them.

Dhara, initially caught off guard by the stunning scenery, couldn't contain her surprise as she exclaimed, "You brought me to the top of a mountain to propose?!" Her words, filled with a mix of astonishment and delight, echoed through the mountains.

The couple's love story is now forever intertwined with the beauty of Mt. Tamalpais, a place that would hold a special place in their hearts. As Dhara joyfully accepted Ankit's proposal, the mountaintop witnessed the beginning of a beautiful journey as they embarked on the path toward marriage.

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Proposal at Mt Tamalpais near San Francisco
Proposal at Mt Tamalpais near San Francisco
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Engagement photography at Mt Tamalpais
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Proposal at Mt Tamalpais near San Francisco