Maria and Christian's relationship started in Paris, France about 10 years ago - how romantic sounding, right? Although their relationship started on the terms of friends meeting at church youth group, they realized there was something more between them. The beginning of their relationship transitioned quickly to long distance as Christian started college in St. Paul, MN. If you've never experienced a long distance relationship, we'll be the first to tell you it's not for the fainthearted. Maria had moved back to Northern California after her time in France. They took turns flying to each other to spend time in person together.

Fast forward a few years and Christian relocated to Los Angeles, much closer to Maria. They still had to be intentional about carving time out to see one another in person. Eventually, they decided to move in together near Santa Cruz - together at last. Maria and Christian knew already that they were partners for life. After 9 years of dating - their relationship shifted from dating to engaged.

Christian proposed to Maria at Wilder Ranch State Park. The cool breeze surrounded them as dark clouds shifted over the sun. The moody clouds broke away after Maria said YES and sunshine swept over the joyous moment.

We came to visit Maria and Christian in their home back in 2018 for a visit to the San Francisco Bay Area and Yosemite and fell in love with Northern California. You can view photos from their couple portrait session in Yosemite here.