If you've ever driven on California Highway 1, you know it is one of the most picturesque places in all of California.

Full of tiny and quaint towns, you can select nearly any town along Highway 1 on the map and you're in for incredible sights on your drive there. From cliffs to ocean views, these little towns are entrenched in some of the best nature experiences you can find.

We met Z and S at one of those small towns for their engagement portraits. While searching for the perfect engagement session location, they shared about their coastal, cliffside proposal. They wanted a location that had similar vibes. We were happy to bring them to Pescadero and explore its cliffs and beaches with them.

We learned the secret to having a popular beach along the 1 to yourself is to show up early! We aimed for early enough that the typical beach goer wasn't going to show up in the images. Starting around 9am meant a private beach experience! Pescadero checked off all of our boxes not only for Z and S's engagement photos, but for any portrait session we plan!