Below is a beautiful love story that we felt so honored to capture and share with the world. The love story of Ashley & Bryce - from dating to a beautiful day of marriage.

Ashley and Bryce started talking in September of 2016, thanks to their friends. His friend, Josh, was visiting North Central University in Minneapolis for the weekend. While Josh was visiting, he wanted to catch up with his friend, Lizzy. Lizzy happened to be Ashley’s roommate. Even though Ashley was ready for bed, Lizzy persuaded her to stay up. Thinking Josh was the only one coming over, they opened the door and Bryce was right there with Josh. The four ended up talking and laughing for hours. It was one of those great unexpected nights. Bryce mentioned that he wanted to cook more that year, which interested Ashley!

Well they cooked together....a lot.. and eventually they were doing homework together, hanging out, and going to events. Ashley and Bryce officially started dating December 11th 2016 after he took her to his hometown football field and asked her to be his girl.

Ashley and Bryce share their faith and values. They are both introverts who just like to sit at home and be comfortable. But their personalities couldn't be more opposite which works out  well for them. He is a leader that speaks his mind. If there is a challenge not only will he complete it but he always goes above and beyond to make it better. Bryce never settles. He is a brutally honest man, even when the words are hard to say he will say them. Ashley, however, is more reserved and selective with words. She is a leader in a different nature, one that follows yet encourages and pushes. She goes with the flow of things. To Ashley if something is good why make it better? Bryce brings something out of her that makes her want to do the best I can, not only for herself or for them as a couple, but for the Kingdom.

Their favorite thing that they like to do is making meals together. Their relationship started off as making food together, when thoughts of dating were barely lingering around their minds. Ashley is not a fan of bossy people and he was telling me what to do... in her own kitchen! But they also worked so well together. Ashley’s roommate commented that they were "practically dancing as one". After all this time, Ashley learned how much she needed someone "bossy" in her life.

They continued to cook together and still do as a team.  It will forever be something special for them as a couple.

Because they are both introverts, they enjoy just being together in the quiet. Some of Ashley’s favorite times with Bryce are when they are talking for hours and laughing with no agenda... especially in a coffee shop! Bryce loves to read, he is someone who always wants to learn and better himself. Both Ashley and Bryce have an incredible support system of friends and family, which was so visible at their wedding! They literally ran out of seating for their ceremony!

Ashley and Bryce’s day was pulled together so beautifully by the little details all around.

Their reception space was sprinkled with beautiful eucalyptus and dainty, white candles.

Toasts at weddings help us get to know couples even better. From hearing stories about the bride’s cats to hearing about about high school stories gone wrong - seeing Ashley and Bryce’s friends stand up by their sides and share about their lives was so fun to be a part of.

Ashley and Bryce wanted to capture Minnetonka Orchards’ natural beauty. As the sun began to set, we headed out to the rows of apple trees and snagged some portraits!

Ashley and Bryce ended their perfect evening with good tunes and some sparklers - no better way if you ask us!

As a married couple, Ashley and Bryce are looking forward to watching endless Sunday football games, to singing and dancing so horribly together and to journeying through this life hand in hand.


Venue: Minnetonka Orchards, Dress: The Wedding Shoppe , Hair by Ari from Hair Expressions

Menswear: Graif Clothing in Mankato MN, Catering: Joanie's Catering, DJ: Midwest Sound