When planning your engagement portraits, selecting when you want your portraits can be difficult! Each season has its perks and benefits. However, each is also filled with challenges. Maybe you live in the midwest, as we used to, and the winter consumes much of your year. Or maybe you're visiting Lake Tahoe and ready to bundle up by choice.

Why not embrace the snowy winter and capture engagement portraits during that time!

We are sharing our top 3 tips for making your snowy engagement portraits a success and leading to images you will love!

Wear a jacket with pockets!

This may sound obvious, but wear a jacket with pockets! Some couples opt to not wear a jacket for some of their portraits, but we 100% suggest finding a coat you don't mind having some photos in. Find a cute coat, one with pockets, that you can don for most of your portraits. If it has pockets, keep some hand warmers or a pair of gloves inside to use in between poses or while walking in between locations.

Wear shoes you can walk in.

We do walking prompt poses in every session we photograph! These prompts lead to great candid moments filled with motion and lead to incredible photos. Not all parks or trails keep their paths well manicured, so make sure to bring shoes you can walk through snow in!

Embrace the snow and play in it.

Yes, we understand the snow is cold and wet. We'll save fun poses like sitting in the snow or having a snowball fight for the end of your session so that if your bum gets wet you don't have to worry. These photos are the ones you can't replicate in any other season or weather setting!