We’ve been asked every question in the book… So, we’re sharing our 9 questions you should ask your potential wedding photographer before you book them. Make sure you feel comfortable with their answers and feel like you’ve done your fair share of research based on their answers, too!

1 - What’s the story behind your business?

Talk with your photographer and feel comfortable with their story. You want to get to know them not only as business owners, but as people too! Hopefully, you’ve gotten a good sense of this from their website or social media before chatting, but if not - ask about the early stages of their business or their "why". This will help you understand who you are working with! To read more about our story, read here!

2 - How are our photos delivered?

This is important for your photo management and logistics! Find out if your photographer delivers photos through a USB or online gallery. The norm now is an online gallery for you to download your images through!

3 - How long does it take to get our photos after the wedding?

This varies from photographer to photographer. This also may change depending on if you’re getting married during peak wedding season or if it’s the off-season. Ultimately, each photographer makes decisions about delivery based on their own preferences and workflow. Our typical photo delivery timeline is between eight and twelve weeks but varies depending on time of year.

4 - How long do we have access to the photos after wedding if on an online gallery service? 

Will your gallery be online forever? Only 2 months? Again, every photographer does this differently so make sure you know and understand what yours does! Some may also charge a fee if your gallery is removed and you want it back.

5 - Do you offer an engagement session as complimentary to our package or is it an additional cost? 

Get all of the information and details about what your engagement session looks like in comparison to your wedding package! Some photographers include the engagement session as complimentary whereas others may charge their regular rate in addition to booking your wedding package. There’s not really a standard for this in the business - everyone views it differently, but we love to offer our engagement sessions as complimentary so we can get you in front of our camera before your wedding! Keep in mind, depending on where your engagement session is located, your photographer may also ask you to cover permit fees or cost of entry fees. Again, every photographer handles this differently, so asking up front can help you understand costs early on in your decision and planning process.

6 - What can we expect for communication leading up to the wedding day?

Setting expectations for what communication will look like during your engagement season is very important! Find out if you should be expecting emails, phone calls, video calls, or in person meetings and what frequency those will occur.

7 - During our couple portrait time of the wedding day, how much posing do you do? 

Get a feel for what style of photography your photographer may use. By doing an engagement session with your photographer prior to your wedding day, you will have a better understanding of this! We use prompts and start couples in basic poses and let their natural movements dictate their pose from there. We stay away from sterile posing so that a lot of emotion shows through in your photos!

8 - Have you shot at our venue before? Or a venue similar to it?

Ask your photographer if they’ve worked in similar lighting situations as what your venue offers - especially if the venue has minimal windows or low natural lighting. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can see a full gallery too - this will help you see if you like the way they shoot in various lighting situations. Some photographers use flash differently than others or don't use it at all - viewing a full gallery will help you decide if you like their interior lighting style.

9 - Do you have other vendor recommendations? 

Some photographers work regularly with other vendors and have built a close relationship with them. Some vendors will have referrals and you may get a discount through them.