Kristina and Augie invited us to join them at their wedding in Duluth! As far as videography goes, their day was a dream with beautiful blooms and a color palette to die for. The beautiful couple tied the knot at Greysolon Ballroom with their loved ones.

Here's their story in the words of the bride herself:

"I moved to downtown Minneapolis not knowing anyone and looking for a fresh start outside of everything I knew back in Wisconsin. A few months went by after moving in, and I discovered an old friend and her boyfriend was also living downtown. Chloe and Kyle really showed me the city. Kyle mentioned his best friend would be flying in over Christmas break to visit and a light bulb went off in their heads. They both dropped hints about this guy who lived in Salt Lake City, did fitness modeling, loved a good spray tan, and the gym. I laughed because 1. I loved Minnesota, so who cares about Utah 2. Fitness modeling? Get a real job. 3. Spray tans remind me of Jersey Shoe 4. Gym? No thanks, I'll take a nap and 5. I had a boyfriend. A few months went by, Christmas break rolled around, and here was Kyle's best friend. Insert, Augie. Delete, Existing boyfriend. Augie and I hit it off right away, after I laughed about his spray tan. We were inseparable - figuratively not literally as he still lived in Utah and I was in Minnesota. We flew back and forth every month visiting each other. I lived in Utah over my breaks during dental hygiene school and a few weeks after graduation we were moving to San Francisco for Augie's job promotion. The rest of the story is filled with countless moving and a wedding!"


Photography by Michelle Huber Photography. Wedding Planner: Emily of Lace and Brass Events. Flowers by Saffron & Grey Couture Floral Design. Getting Ready Location at Sheraton Duluth Hotel. First Look/Wedding Portraits Location at Glensheen Mansion. Ceremony and Reception Venue at Greysolon Ballroom in Duluth, MN.