Unplugged wedding ceremonies are no longer a new trend. As we have seen an increase in accessibility to technology, it has come with pros and cons. When it comes to your wedding day, technology in the hands of all of your guests can also come with pros and cons. A major hiccup that we would not want for you to encounter on your wedding day would be the disruption of your wedding photos due to your guests and technology. 

While your guests mean well and want to help you capture your day, they may not realize the potential harm they could be causing. As photographers, we work very hard to capture the best angle that is flattering for everyone. When it comes to ceremonies, their can be some restrictions in how we, as your photographers, can do that. We try our best to be unobtrusive of your ceremony. You shouldn’t notice us during the moments you are saying “I Do.” So, we stick to the back as much as possible! We use lenses that can zoom from a far distance to achieve the look of us being closer. However, if there are distractions (in this situation, cell phones or tablets) from our angle, we have to change our methodology and more restrictions can be imposed.

Other than just giving your photographer the ease of maintaining their flow and flexibility, what are other benefits to an unplugged wedding ceremony?

Have you ever been to a concert and see “that one person” who is on their phone the whole time? Whether they’re Snapchatting every song or have a friend on FaceTime, it gets to be intrusive of your experience as a fellow concert-goer, right? A few years ago, we saw John Mayer and honestly, we were on our phones every other song. But it hit us - put the phone down. Enjoy the moment. You may never see that artist perform again (this thought feels a little too relevant in the time of Covid). So let’s relate this to your wedding now… This is your only wedding. Don’t you want your wedding guests to enjoy that moment with you and to fully soak in your ceremony in all of its glory? Having an unplugged wedding ceremony can remind and gently enforce your guests to be truly present in your ceremony.

How can we tell our guests that we are having an unplugged wedding ceremony?

There are several options to inform your guests! We’ve seen our couples use many different options including: write it at the bottom of your wedding program, have a sign about it at the entrance to your ceremony or aisle, or have your officiant announce it to your guests. If you want a truly unplugged wedding ceremony, we have noticed that if you pair the officiant announcement with one of the written ways, you will have the best results. 

What if someone still takes their phone out?

Even with your best efforts, it is likely that someone will pull their phone out. Please know, we will get the shot. We may not be thrilled that we have had to run up and around an arm to get the exact shot we envisioned, but we will get the shot. You don’t need to worry, that’s why you hired professional wedding photographers that you trust.

It comes down to this, how do you want your guests to remember your wedding? 

We want them to look through the photos that have been professionally taken and edited that you receive from us and think, “Wow, it’s exactly as I remember.”