Selecting your vendors is a big decision, but selecting the “extras” for your wedding day can seem like an even bigger decision. There’s not a soul out there that would tell you to skip getting a wedding photographer, however the jury is still out on wedding videography. Many local wedding planning Facebook groups will have the question asked a million times: “Do I need to hire a wedding videographer?” “Does anyone actually watch their wedding video?”

We could give you all the advice in the world, but we thought our prior couples may have a little more pull in your decision-making process: 

“There is no way I would have planned a my wedding without a videographer! Seriously, no way. So many wedding blogs talk about how fast the day goes and before you know it, the DJ is playing the last song. Having quality videographers was beyond essential for us to capture all of the large and small special moments. The wedding video Trevor & Elisebeth made was beyond perfect! Not only did they capture the moments I loved most in the style I wanted, but they have given me the gift to relive those moments. I can recall all the emotions and what was running through my head throughout the whole day because of them. Also, seeing how great of a time our friends and family had is priceless.” -Kristina, bride from August 2016

“I went back and forth on getting a videographer. I’d YouTube wedding videos before getting engaged and just thinking how amazing they were and that I’d want that. When we found Trevor & Elisebeth I told Jon and he said “Book it!” I couldn’t believe it since Jon didn’t care to spend the money on one initially! I especially love that we have a video of the whole ceremony as well! I think my favorite part of the video is the fact it captures our personalities so well. It wasn’t “over-edited”, when I’d watch the YouTube videos some were so edited that it was almost “too fake/proper.” I love that all my friends and family were included in the video. Trevor & Elisebeth did an AMAZING job capturing the day for us. Again, I absolutely love that even though it was a short video you can see the playfulness between us and our friends. I just wish the video never ended!” -Janelle, bride from October 2016

“My biological father, who was in Ukraine and wasn’t able to make the wedding and he passed away the following October. He was able to see our wedding photos and our wedding video - which we will hold very dear to our hearts. Thanks for being able to provide us with a good memory of our wedding. So that we could have the pleasure of sharing it with our loved ones before they passed.” -Kira, bride from June 2017

“Trevor and Elisebeth provided photography and videography for our wedding day. It couldn’t have gone better and we were so so happy with how our photos and video turned out. They are both such a delight to work with and were able to capture our rambunctious pup perfectly. They were absolute troopers on a freezing October day and rolled with what the weather gave us. I still look through our photos and watch our video. What a gift they have given us!” -Allison, bride from October 2018

“Trevor & Elisebeth were so easy to work with--they made both of us feel instantly comfortable in front of the cameras, resulting in the most beautiful photos and videos we will treasure forever. If you are looking for great photo and video services, look no further!” -Liza, bride from July 2019

As you can see from these brides, they were not only given memorable photographs but videos. A wedding video captures emotions and moments differently than a photo. The moment can continue in motion, while a photograph provides you with a frozen frame of the moment.

If we could go back and do our own wedding differently, we would without a doubt hire a videographer.