Ashley and Brett got married (again!!) at The Pines in Fargo, North Dakota. After last minute changes to their original wedding date plans in November, they still got married but on a much smaller scale than they hoped. Fast forward to July, the couple was ready to celebrate with all of their friends and family through a vow renewal and the reception of their dreams!

Ashley and Brett spent the morning getting ready with dear friends and family in the farmhouse. From hair and makeup to tying ties, the morning was filled with excitement and energy. They all mingled while getting ready - Ashley and Brett checked in on each other and chatted with one another while preparations were underway.

After getting all dolled up, we headed to the field where Ashley and Brett captured some of their portraits on their original wedding day. How special to have portraits in the same location on both of your wedding days! We also couldn’t resist using the white barn siding as a backdrop for some portraits with a more modern vibe.

As expected, the July day was hot and humid. We took a break inside to cool down before heading out to take portraits with the whole wedding party. Their July wedding contrasted their cold November wedding in so many ways. July included their original, full wedding party standing by their sides.

Through all of the changes and chaos that Ashley and Brett’s wedding planning experience included, their family was central to not only the successes of both days but the support and love that Ashley and Brett needed during this time. We could tell that family was incredibly important to the newlyweds.

Rather than sticking with their original plans of a church ceremony (which they had in November), Ashley and Brett decided to have their vow renewal at The Pines! The modern farmhouse has a lofted ceiling, concrete floors, and easily hosted Ashley and Brett’s guests. Rather than doing a flip of the interior space, guests sat at the tables they would later eat dinner at during the vow renewal.

With dinner tables and place settings already set, preparing the space for dinner was low maintenance and instantly beautiful. Champagne glasses were filled and put on display, popcorn was shared, and plenty of drinks were poured at the bar.

As cocktail hour came to a close, the wedding party made their grand entrances through the sliding barn doors. Dinner was served and chatter filled the room. Ashley’s sister, Karlee, Brett’s brother, Brady, both of their fathers, and Brett shared kind words. They thanked their friends and family for support and shared hilarious stories about Ashley and Brett’s love.

Ashley and Brett danced under the bistro lights while surrounded by their loved ones. While they had already been married for about 8 months, you could tell July brought their dream wedding day. The look they shared while dancing together was the look of true love between two souls meant to be together.

As the dance floor opened, the wedding party was eager to show off their dance moves in celebration.

While the party continued inside, we snuck Ashley and Brett outside for some golden hour portraits. As the sun began to set, the cool air moved in and made for a comfortable break from the dance floor. With big, sweeping views like you can find at The Pines, it is easy to find beautiful locations for portraits!

As twilight settled in before the dark of night, Ashley and Brett danced and played under the light of sparklers. The moment brings to memory of Brett’s proposal to Ashley by the flicker of candlelight in the Dominican Republic.

Like many couples, Ashley and Brett had to make difficult decisions surrounding their wedding day but ultimately ended up married. Their vow renewal was beautiful and the celebration was worth the wait.