Many of you know about our fantastic trip to Maui, Hawaii at the end of December through early January. The initial purpose was to visit Sarah & Henry… it later turned into the perfect time to do their engagement photos along the Road to Hana! About a month before our trip, we got a text “So we think we’d like to get married on Dec. 31st.” You can bet that we did a little happy dance as we texted more and ironed out the details.

The day before their wedding, we did their engagement photos - so yes, they were still engaged at that point! It was a fun way to spend the day, knowing that it would be the last day of their engagement!

The morning of New Year’s Eve, we met with Sarah & Henry at Donut Dynamite to get some delicious donuts before heading out to their ceremony location. That’s our kind of way to start your wedding day!

When we arrived at Ho’okipa Lookout near Paia on Maui, it was downpouring. We waited for a break in the rain before heading down to the edge of the ocean. As soon as we got set, the rain and wind began again.

During their elopement, we not only witnessed typical Western traditions (like exchanging rings), but Hawaiian wedding traditions, too! They exchanged leis early in the ceremony - each placing one around the other’s neck and sealing it with a kiss on the cheek.

Their vows were heartfelt and extremely emotion-provoking. (Elisebeth is glad it rained because she basically sobbed through the vows.)

Their rings were blessed before they exchanged them.

And with the sound of the conch shell - they were married! The smile on Sarah’s face showed such pure joy!

Right as the ceremony ended, a rainbow peeked through the clouds. It was a truly Hawaiian elopement.

We photographed a wedding on New Year’s Eve 2018. This 2019 New Year’s Eve wedding was different in every way possible. The magic we experienced seeing Sarah & Henry become husband and wife reminded us of the best part of marriage: sharing life together.


Elopement Location: Ho’okipa Lookout, Dress: Lulus, Menswear: Banana Republic,

Lei: Safeway Officiant: Officiant Euta Lightsy