Jill & Andrew were simply magical on camera. The happy couple has been engaged since before covid and their chemistry is unmatched. Opting for an engagement session location that was more intimate and close to San Jose led us to Filoli - a beautiful, historic estate located in Woodside, CA. A visit to Filoli in the winter means a quieter experience with far fewer guests than during the spring and summer months - perfect for their vision!

Couple kisses in front of historic house at Filoli.
Engagement portraits at Filoli in Woodside during winter.
Filoli engagement portraits with paperwhite flowers blooming in January.

While Filoli is known for it's gardens and historic house, a visit in late January meant the gardens were not at peak bloom. As many of the trees remained bare, white and yellow daffodils added pops of color in the meadow. Jill shared a fun fact with us that daffodils are the March birth flower and both of them share March birthdays! The daffodil represents new beginnings, good luck, prosperity, and good fortune - how fitting for engagement portraits as they prepare for their upcoming wedding in April.

Couple kisses in meadow at Filoli in Woodside, CA
Engagement photos with daffodils blooming at Filoli

Part of the magic of a location like Filoli is that there are infinite photo locations and they are absolutely stunning. As we wandered through the gardens, we found spot after spot for more pictures, each more romantic than the next.

Secret Garden-inspired engagement pictures in Northern California.
Secret Garden-inspired engagement pictures in Northern California.
Romantic engagement pictures in flowering trees
Winter engagement pictures at Filoli

One of our favorite parts of the property is the Garden House. The little building set in the middle of (you guessed it) the garden has the most beautiful windows and screams romance while giving major Bridgerton vibes. It also has two beautiful, original rattan peacock chairs inside, every photographer's dream chair. They're just to look at here though, no sitting.

Filoli Garden House engagement portraits
Romantic engagement pictures as couples embrace with Bridgerton vibes.
Filoli Garden House engagement portraits
Filoli Garden House engagement portraits
Engagement pictures with Bridgerton vibe in Bay Area
Engagement pictures with Bridgerton vibe in Bay Area

The estate also boasts a dreamy olive grove. Among the olive trees, Jill and Andrew danced and snuggled. A passerby even commented about all of their PDA, bringing the laughter out of all of us. Near the olive grove, you can enjoy a stunning view of the clock tower - another sign of the estate's age and design from a much more regal time.

Couple dances in olive grove in Bay Area, California
Romantic wide angle picture in olive tree grove
Most romantic engagement photographer in Bay Area
San Francisco engagement photographer with romantic couple

As our time ended behind the camera with Jill and Andrew, we headed to the front of the historic house at Filoli. The crawling vines, trees covered in Spanish moss, and size of the entrance itself were meant for romantic portraits. Jill and Andrew were at such ease during their engagement session. All of their natural interactions were picture perfect.

Bay Area Bridgerton-inspired engagement pictures with historic house.
Filoli historic house and estate are perfect location for engagement photos.
Romantic engagement photos with blooming flowers in winter in South Bay, California.