Hooray! You're engaged!

Your partner *finally* asked the most important question and you are not engaged. As you get peppered with questions after announcing your engagement, the idea of wedding planning can get really overwhelming really quickly.

Here are our three wedding vendors we recommend to book early in the wedding planning phase:


This is the very first place you need to begin. Selecting a venue can be a tremendously overwhelming, but your venue choice means you officially have a wedding date! There are so many options, where do you begin? We always recommend asking yourself these three questions:


This is an obvious question but can be one we often want to ignore. Be prepared to consider how much flexibility you have in budget. Do not schedule venue tours for locations that our so beyond your budget that it could absolutely not happen. It will make you more sad than inspired.

What setting do I want my wedding to take place at? City? Nature - rolling hills, forest, seaside?

Thinking about the setting you envision the whole event happening at will help narrow your options down quickly. If you cannot imagine a wedding in the redwoods, you can easily eliminate those options!

What portions of the day do you envision being outdoors versus indoors?

Do you want your ceremony outdoors and reception indoors, maybe the cocktail hour outdoors? All of these minor questions will help you make sure you select a venue that can facilitate your desires! Many venues offer flexibility and you won't have to make the actual decision about what the day will look like until later in the planning process, but you want to make sure what you want will be available.

Here are some of the Bay Area wedding venues we recommend:

Hacienda de las Flores - Moraga, CA

This Spanish-inspired estate is a beautiful space to share your vows!

Roaring Camp Railroads - Felton, CA

If you are seeking a venue amid the redwoods and love trains, look no further!

Old Mill Park - Mill Valley, CA

Another gorgeous location surrounded with redwoods.

Pageo Lavender Farms - Turlock, CA

A little further out from the Bay Area, this lavender farm is full of modern touches and plenty of space.

Planner or Coordinator

If you are hoping to work with a planner or coordinator, it is useful to get them on board with your planning early on! Every planner we have worked with has had a wealth of knowledge to share with couples very early on in the planning process. From helping with other vendor selection to being a sounding board, they are so much more than just an organized mind that guides you through your wedding planning!

Here are some of the Bay Area wedding planners/coordinators we recommend:

Photographer and Videographer

Photography and videography are important vendors to book early on because they book quickly! High-demand photographers and videographers can often be booked 12 to 16 months in advance depending on when they open up their books. Again, there are many photography and videography options, so it can be overwhelming. We first recommend you give this post a read about hiring the SAME photography and videography team for your wedding day!

Once we have convinced you that it is a good idea to have the same photography and videography team for your wedding coverage, we have some questions for you to consider and ask yourself:

What style of photography am I interested in?

As with many areas of weddings, photography also has trends! From dark and moody to light and airy, there is a spectrum of wedding photography looks. Look through wedding blogs and see what your eye is naturally drawn to. We edit our images with a true color mindset - our goal is for our images (and video) to be just like you saw in real life with a little extra pop. We prioritize correct skin tones, which is something that can very from trend to trend. Your preference for what photography look you like best is important to understand or you'll consider photographers that won't be the best fit for your final images/video.

What style of videography am i interested in?

Just like photography, there are a variety of videography styles as well. Some videographers offer long, extended films while others offer short, highlight videos (like us). Go on YouTube and watch a ton of wedding videos and see which speak to you most.

What do I Envision I will look back on in 10, 20, 30 years?

While we cannot predict where technology will take us in the years to come, the point of photography and videography are to document important moments. They play this role in your wedding day, too! While you may be interested in paying for a 1 minute Instagram teaser video now, will you care about that in 10 years or care that you did not have it? Think about how you plan to use your photos, too! Where do you want to print them to put them around your home? Will you want an album? All of these littler clarifying questions can help you decide if a photographer is a good fit - for example, if you want an album but your photographer does not offer them, will you still book with them? Yes, we offer albums, in case you are wondering!

We'd love to be considered for your wedding photography and videography needs!

Trevor & Elisebeth

We are Trevor (he/him) and Elisebeth (she/her) - a husband and wife photography and videography team based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. We specialize in couples and wedding photography and videography throughout California.