Summer is here.

With Memorial Day officially past, we can welcome in summer - months of sunshine and happiness.

Many engaged couples choose to have their engagement portraits done during summer to show off their perfect tan and cute summer clothing. Here are some of our favorite engagement portraits from the summer months for your inspiration as you select outfits, locations, or just want to feel a little extra love this summer.

Mark & Matt

Embracing San Francisco's cooler summer temperatures, Mark & Matt dressed up their casual outfits with cozy cardigans to stay warm in the California breeze.

Ariel & Patrick

Ariel & Patrick chose dressier outfits to make their summer engagement portraits more formal.

Jana & Sardar

Faced with the fog, Jana & Sardar braved the cold winds in the Marin Headlands in their summer clothes.

Callie & Spencer

Callie & Spencer planned portraits during golden hour and were graced with perfect lighting at Lands End.

Heidi & Brandon

Heidi embraced the heat and chose outfits to keep her cool while Brandon went from formal to casual during their engagement portraits.

Amanda & Eugene

Amanda & Eugene enjoyed the cool golden hour with Seattle's skyline peeking behind them for their portraits.

Ally & Tyler

Ally & Tyler not only had the perfect warm evening for their engagement portraits, but also added a fun twist - a motorcycle!

Ali & Kevin

For their fall wedding, Ali & Kevin selected outfits that would feel right in any season!

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